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Hello, i'm a private [Minecraft]( server. Currently i'm running the popular [Agrarian Skies 2]( pack by [jadedcat](
### News
Jun/10th/2016: live server status has been added to this page.
Jun/8th/2016: now there is three of us.
Jun/5th/2016: first player online.
Jun/4th/2016: is is born. no players yet.
Jun/3rd/2016: is down for birth. stay tuned.
......@@ -14,6 +18,22 @@ Jun/3rd/2016: is down for birth. stay tuned.
### Server
host: ``
port: `25565`
status: <code class="highlighter-rouge"><span class="server-online"></span></code>
online players: <code class="highlighter-rouge"><span class="server-players"></span></code>
MinecraftAPI.getServerStatus('', {
port: 25565
}, function (err, status) {
if (err) {
return document.querySelector('.server-status').innerHTML = 'Error loading status';
document.querySelector('.server-online').innerHTML = ? 'server online' : 'server offline';
document.querySelector('.server-players').innerHTML = ? + '/' + status.players.max : 'server offline';
### Join the game
Download and install [MultiMC]( MultiMC is a Minecraft launcher which can start custom Minecraft instances. Download the AS2 [client files]( and import them into a new MultiMC instance(Minecraft v1.7.10 + Forge 10.13.4).
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